Visit The Acholi People And Their Culture on Uganda Cultural Tours And Safaris

The Acholi people in the central north part of Uganda are part of the Nilotic luo people speaking the Acholi language who entered Uganda from the north from Bar-el-Gazel in South-Sudan. The name Acholi comes from an Arabic word they always used to refer to the Acholi as they called them the Chooli. They are settled in five districts of the north among them is Amudat and Gulu. The Acholi are one Uganda’s most interesting tribe to explore on your Uganda cultural tour in northern Uganda.

The Acholi highly have a rich culture. Their god is known as Rwo. They are known for their famous dances such as the Lakaraka dance that was performed during their wedding ceremonies and the Etole dance that was sang during raids to give moral to the fighters. They have an amazing traditional dress code of skins and hides of leopards, cheaters with head bandages with ostrich feather and the calabash they always use as a music box during their dances.

The Acholi women, children and men are great agriculturists and hardworking people in terms of hunting and their participation in trade during the Arab regime in Uganda is also recalled as significant for their development. The Acholi live in huts molded and decorated with mud.

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Hiking Mount Napak in the Karamoja Region Northern Uganda

Mount Napak is the third highest mountain in  the Karamoja region northern Uganda. Due to its unique location within the Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve, you’re up for breathtaking panoramic views of the Karamoja planes and distant mountain ranges. But it is also the toughest mountain to climb due to its steep cliffs and wild vegetation.

On a Uganda hiking tour, you find out that the steepness of the mountain makes it unfavorable for people to live on. Therefore the Karamojong and Iteso people live at the foot of the mountain. The mountain provides them food by hunting for small wild animals and having their gardens at the fertile foothills.

Mountain Napak is in dowered and carved by a number of cliffs, summits and ridges. Among all the hiking destinations in the Karamoja region, it has been ranked more beautiful and more experiential as you bend down very low only to meander around with the swerving rocks encountered every step of your Mountain hiking experience in Uganda.

The vegetation patterns in the middle of the hike are bite greener compared to those seen at the start of the hiking dream if you are to reach the summit. In fact, in there, happens to be baboon in this vegetation which all looks amazing during your breathless sights spots. The rocks in there are blessed with water and along are black frogs.

At the top of this miraculous adventurous hike, you are set to watch the sun fall and come back again in the next day which all looks spectacular in your Uganda hiking safari experience.

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The Unique Tree Climbing Lions in Uganda & Where To Find Them

Lions are among Africa’s big 5 and Uganda’s big 7 found Uganda’s National Parks and wildlife reserves. Lions are among the most sought wild animals on game drive. Majority of the clients wish to track lions on a wildlife game drive and their desires are always satisfied on the Uganda tours to the different protected areas which are home to the King of the Jungle.A grown lion weighs about 150-250kgs for males and the lioness (female lion) weighs about 120-180kgs, and they can live in the wild for up-to 14 years. Lions kept in zoos can live up-to 20 years. Not as humans where a man is responsible to provide food for the family, the lionesses do most of the hunting yet the male lions need at least 7kgs of meat per day and 5kgs of meat per day for the females. In the open wildernesses like in Murchison falls National Park over looking the Albert Nile, there are many thickets where lions hide their catch such as Uganda Kobs so that they don’t get any disturbance from hyenas and moving Safari vehicles.

Lionesses normally starts producing at the age of 4 years, and can mate with any male before it conceives and the mating can take several days. The gestation period is 110 days and can give birth to up-to 4 cubs. The cubs are hid under thick thickets where hyenas and buffaloes can not easily kill them. The cubs are born blind and weigh about 1.2 to 2.1 kg.

Uganda Tree Climbing Lions

Lions among the cat family though they are not known for climbing trees, Uganda lions being found up in the tree branch is a unique adventure moment. Lions are often found in the open savannah grasslands roaming around, sleeping, resting or hunting but in Uganda – lions normally climb and rest in these fig trees when noon approaches. It is hard some times to find them up in the trees when it is raining, or when it is still slippery in the morning. These tree climbing lions of Uganda are found in Queen Elizabeth National Park in the Southern section near the Congo boarder and the Kidepo Valley National Park in north-eastern Uganda .

Uganda’s tree climbing lions climb and rest in the umbrella-shaped fig trees to hide-away from the sun, spy on their prey, and some times run away from the mosquitoes or tsetse flies. The Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth id the famous destination to sight these tree lions. However, other tree lions have been sighted in Kidepo Valley National Park hanging in the sausage trees.

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Uganda Ministry of Tourism should Promote Local Tourism To Boost Revenue

Local leaders in Gulu District have called on the ministry of Tourism to speed up the promotion of local tourism and documentation so that the district can benefit from the initiative.

Since peace returned to the region a decade now, tourists visiting Fort Patiko rose from less than ten to more than 100 according to a register book kept at the entrance of the famous fort.

The highest in the last 10 years was in 2015 when 150 foreign visitors were received at Fort Patiko and in 2016, mostly Americans and Europeans who brought Shs2 million in revenue.
One of the attendants at Fort Patiko, Mr Ronald Okello Onen, told Daily Monitor in Gulu on Tuesday that visitors are those involved in making documentations, researchers and individual tourists.

“The number of the visitors at Fort Patiko is attributed to political stability and good weather,” he said.
On his part, the area LIII Councilor for Anywadwe Parish where the Fort Patiko is located, Mr Benson Komakech, asked government to build the necessary infrastructure that will spur development in the area.

“There is need to have better facilities in area for accommodation so that better revenue is also realised when the visitors camp at the site for socialisation, work and education purposes,” he said.

The ministry of Tourism has currently embarked on the promotion of local tourism which earns the country around Shs300 billion in foreign earning annually.

Other tourists’ sites in Acholi sub-region are the Lamogi hills, where the Lamogi people resisted British Colonial rule in 1911 and Aruu Falls in Pader District.

By DailyMonitor.

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Kidepo Valley is Uganda’s Prime Wildlife Destination

Kidepo Valley is Uganda’s Prime Wildlife Desination

The plains teem with big buffalo herds. Midget crocodiles cool off the day in Narus valley while the king of the jungle watches its kingdom atop a rock as ostriches dance. In the distance, Karamojong youth perform the edonga dance, Kidepo is a perfect place for a Uganda wildlife and cultural safari.

Kidepo Valley National Park is Uganda’s most spectacular and isolated park. Measuring 1,442 sqkms, the park lies in the rugged, semi-arid valleys between Uganda’s border with South Sudan and Kenya, about 700km North East from Kampala.

The park gets its name from the seasonal Kidepo River. Kidepo means to pick something from down. The Borassus palm lined Kidepo valley was visited by people coming to gather fallen borassus fruit for making beer, thus the name.

Kidepo valley is ‘gifted by nature’

Gazetted as a national park in 1962, Kidepo hosts more than 77 mammals and about 475 bird and 692 plant species. The park has 28 unique animal species not found anywhere else in Uganda. These include: striped hyena, aardwolf, caracal, cheetah, greater and lesser kudu, klipspringer, dik-dik, bright’s gazelle, and chandler’s mountain reedbuck. Occasional visitors to the park from South Sudan include the African wild dogs.

Other animals in Kidepo valley national park but also found in other parks include: African elephant, zebra, buffalo, waterbuck, jackson’s hartebeest, lion, leopard, and both black-backed and side-striped jackal.

Unlike other parks in Uganda, Kidepo plains surrounded by blue mountains teeming with thousands of buffalo herds cannot be seen anywhere else in the country. Because the park has limited water sources, it is possible to see elephants, lions and giraffes in a small radius, especially during the dry season without driving in circles. Much of the park is composed of open savannah grassland, dominated by a mixture of acacia and other perennial grasses plus dry thickets, short trees and shrubs. The vegetation is usually dry for more than half of the year and antelopes such as guenther’s dik-dik, which is found nowhere else in Uganda, are usually seen in such a habitat.

During the dry season, the only permanent water source in the park is found in the broad Narus Valley near Apoka. Apoka is the centre of tourism in the park where Uganda Wildlife Authority runs accommodation facilities. This water source makes the Narus Valley the park’s prime game viewing location. And there is nothing more spectacular than seeing a herd of thousands of buffaloes going to drink water in the afternoon.

Kidepo is a wonder of the country
In the swamps of Narus also reside midget crocodiles, measuring about two and a half metres. There is nowhere in Uganda where “pigmy” crocodiles are found other than in Kidepo.

Normal crocodiles are more than four metres long. It is said that their midget size is due to limited availability of food, water and space, as they are confined in a 10 metre long swamp. Because of having water all year around, many other creatures are attracted to the swamp. These include lions, jackson’s hartebeest, buffaloes, giraffes, oribis and reedbucks. Less commonly seen are cheetahs and leopards.

Most predators such as lions are attracted to Narus valley because it has a variety of easy to catch prey. Another interesting factor about the lions of Kidepo is that they climb rocks as opposed to those of Ishasha which climb trees.

Kidepo is known for its birds of prey, 58 species of which have been recorded. These include lammergeier (gypaetus barbatus), verreaux’s eagle (aquila verreauxii), the pygmy falcon (polihierax semitorquatus), and Egyptian vulture (neophron percnopterus).

Some of Africa’s rarest and most sought after birds in the park are: the Karamoja apalis (apalis karamojae) and black-breasted barbet (lybius rolleti).

Kidepo is the only park in Uganda where the biggest and fastest birds in the world -ostriches, are found. Ostriches can also be found in Pian Upe game reserve in Karamoja sub-region.

A visit to Karamojong communities offers visitors a chance to interact with the pastoralists and enjoy cultural dances such as edonga.

The IK, who are the smallest ethnic group in Uganda, live on the slopes of Mount Morungole that stands at 2,750m and is crossed by the Kidepo and Narus Rivers that nourish the park’s wildlife. Their unique way of life is an experience to visitors.

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Romantic Honeymoon Beach Getaway Vacation to Ssese Islands

62609712Romantic Honeymoon Beach Getaway Vacation to Ssese Islands

Do you want to show the one you love that they are special? The best way to to do this is to whisk that person away to the white sand beaches of Ssese islands, Uganda.

Since Brovad Sands Lodge is located in the most secluded environment, it makes it a perfect place to surprise that special someone with a Ssese beach vacation for honeymoon vacation.

Make the Honeymoon vacation exceptional by celebrating the days at Brovad Sands Lodge for an extra special holiday with lifetime memories to make.

Ssese Island’s cozy resort hotel is perfect for romantic honeymoon vacations in Uganda. Does your special someone enjoy comfort and relaxation? If so, be sure to book your stay at Brovad Sands Lodge.

Enjoy the sound of the waves along Brovad’s pristine white sand beach. Honeymoon cottages provide you with the best lake views with a private balcony. The beach is naturally romantic – whether you’re enjoying a leisurely stroll hand-in-hand along the shore or toasting a spectacular sunset, the beach is the perfect backdrop to enjoy a special moment with the one you love.

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Reasons to Choose Car Hire in Uganda

safari-land-cruiserReasons to Choose Car Hire in Uganda

Uganda is a vast country with a good road network that allows access the most unique and beautiful places in the the country. Car hire in Uganda is the best way for visiting tourists to see the countryside and explore attractions at their own pace. With some of the best driving roads in the world a holiday utilising car hire in Uganda is an unforgettable experience which will provide you with years of amazing memories and hundreds of unique photo opportunities. The most important thing you can do when planning a self-drive car hire holiday in Uganda is planning ahead. The road network of Uganda is vast and while the roads around the major urban centres are in good condition some can deteriorate pretty badly once one reaches the more rural destinations. Car hire in Uganda allows one to see place that many tour groups would usually skip due to time constraints.

The Bwindi Route is without doubt one of the most beautiful and unique places in the world, it is a place that can be best enjoyed on a Ugandan car hire holiday. Much of the route is covered by the stunning landscape and takes you through various cultures of Uganda with stops in major towns and popular tourist attractions. The real magic of the route however are the smaller towns tucked away and not on the busy tourist route therefore a hire car in Uganda is a more practical and rewarding way to see this spectacular part of the county. Having your own hire car allows you to explore the parts of the Bwindi route.

You will almost certainly be tempted to stay longer than planned, for that reason having the independence of a hire car in Uganda is the most rewarding possible way to see the country.

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Romantic Honeymoon in the Wilderness of Uganda

queen-elizabeth-park-lionsRomantic Honeymoon in the Wilderness of Uganda

Honeymoon Vacation is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the world over, with millions of couples going out for a special holiday.

Honeymoon vacation is such a fun and special time of year for anyone who is in love. Make it special this year by doing something unexpected. Your loved one is sure to appreciate your thought and efforts, and it will hopefully create lasting memories for the two of you to share and remember in years to come.

Away from the usual routine of celebrating your Honeymoon vacation, this time spend the special vacation in the wild with your loved one in the most secluded locations in Uganda’s wilderness.

Imagine how romantic it is to have a candle-light dinner under the stars in the amidst of the wilderness. Stay in the luxurious and romantic safari lodges with spectacular views into the natural world.

Enjoy spotting Uganda’s wildlife in their untamed state giving an insight of the true wilderness. Cruise on Uganda’s magnificent lakes, rivers and channels on a romantic boat cruise while sighting some of the wild residents on the shoreline.

Create lifetime memories with your loved ones on a Romantic Wilderness Honeymoon vacation celebration in Uganda.
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Fly-In Gorilla Tracking Safari in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – Uganda

Fly-In Gorilla Tracking Safari in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – Uganda

Bwindi National Park, located in south western Uganda on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, is considered the most diverse forest in Uganda. The area, one of the few large expanses of forest in East Africa, where lowland and mountain habitats meet, contains a dense ground cover of herbs, vines, and shrubs. Home to over 120 mammals, 345 species of birds, 200 species of butterflies, and 160 species of trees, Bwindi is one of the richest ecosystems in East Africa. The park contains almost one half of the world’s population of the endangered Mountain Gorilla, making it an extremely valuable conservation site. Bwindi is also home to several endangered bird species with very limited ranges, and acts as an important catchment area for many rivers, supplying water for agriculture in the surrounding region.

Day 1: Transfer to Bwindi

Fly on a scheduled (daily) flight to Kihihi Airstrip. Upon arrival at Kihihi, you’ll be met by a Hotel representative and driven to Crested Crane Bwindi Hotel. Check in at the Hotel and enjoy a delicious lunch. In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to relax and prepare yourself for the next day. Or go for an optional (guided) forest walk or village community walk for a first introduction with Uganda’s unique flora and fauna.

Overnight and Dinner at Crested Crane Bwindi Hotel

Please let us know at the time of booking if you would like to participate in one of these activities.

Day 2: Gorilla Tracking – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

Following breakfast at the lodge, get your gorilla tracking attire on, pick packed lunch, water and transfer to the park offices. You’ll convene with the rest of the travellers for gorilla trekking briefing and allocation of the gorilla families.

After briefing, you’ll transfer to the starting point and head into the forest to track your habituated gorilla group. En route to the gorillas, your guide will point out signs of previous gorilla activity, including dung, nests and chewed bamboo shoots. Your gorilla tracking will be an exciting journey along forested slopes, entwined vines, bushes and bamboo before you eventually reach the gorilla family.

The time taken to track the gorillas can be as few as 2 hours to as many as 8 hours. Once the gorillas have been located, your group will be allowed a maximum of one hour with them. Coming face-to-face with a mountain gorilla is a truly humbling and emotional experience. This is a fantastic and privileged opportunity to get up close and personal with Uganda’s Mountain Gorillas.

Dinner and Overnight at Crested Crane Bwindi Hotel

Note: It is possible to include an additional day in Buhoma on this itinerary with an option to experience a second gorilla trek. This makes the itinerary a 4-day fly-in safari. Please request this option on our web inquiry form.

Day 3: Return To Entebbe

After breakfast, you’ll transfer to Kihihi for your return flight to Entebbe.

End of our services.

NOTE: The package is for a Minimum of two (2) people and a maximum of eight (8) since a gorilla group can only be assigned to 8 visitors a day.

If you plan to spend additional time in Uganda, this safari can be tailored to your wishes to include some of the many activities available in Entebbe and throughout Uganda.

You could visit Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary or the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre; Take a short trip to Jinja – the Adventure of East Africa offering grade 5 white water rafting, quad biking and bungee jumping!

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The best Hotel in Gulu – Northern Uganda with excellent services

53625894The best Hotel in Gulu – Northern Uganda with excellent services

Acholi inn is one of the few hotels in Uganda that have stood the test of time. Started in 1936, Acholi inn located in Northern Uganda.

Acholi Inn is the Northern Uganda’s best hotel offering executive services to our guests to exceed their expectations and some of the services we provide include:

Exclusive and unique accommodation in Northern Uganda. The luxury Acholi Inn Hotel is as ideal for the leisure visitor seeking to enjoy the delights of Gulu Town as it is for the business executive. Situated in the upscale surburbs of Gulu Town, this hotel offers guests very unique accommodation the perfect balance between traditional comfort and the latest facilities.

Restaurant serving a variety of inter-continental dishes and a well stocked cocktail bar. Take 200 years of Acholi history, mix with a measure of contemporary design, blend with eurocentric furnishing and rich brown tiled floors, add a pinch of soft lighting and crisp white linen and sprinkle with relaxing music and a welcoming ambiance … and you’ll get a taste of the hotel’s Acholi restaurant.

Fully fledged health club with well equipped gym, sauna, steam bath,massage parlour and a swimming pool. Acholi Fitness is the largest health club operator in Gulu. Fitness First gym knows how to create a fitness experience that combines expertise, energy and fun. You can do a strenuous work-out on the latest exercise equipment or enjoy a more relaxing time in the sauna at the Acholi Fitness Health Club or get deep in our well maintained swimming pool.

We provide five conference rooms and meeting rooms of varying size, which are ideally suited for training courses, meetings up to 80 or private dining. All conference and meeting rooms are available with the latest audio-visual equipment

Our Internet café boosts high speed Wi-Fi internet to keep you in touch with your business and family and the latest updates around the globe.

At Acholi Inn Hotel, we boost of very spacious grounds ideal for outdoor parties, wedding receptions, corporate retreats, and team bonding sessions. We also offer additional party time services like Tents, outdoor chairs and other accessories that make your event a memorable.

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