Hiking Mount Napak in the Karamoja Region Northern Uganda

Mount Napak is the third highest mountain in  the Karamoja region northern Uganda. Due to its unique location within the Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve, you’re up for breathtaking panoramic views of the Karamoja planes and distant mountain ranges. But it is also the toughest mountain to climb due to its steep cliffs and wild vegetation.

On a Uganda hiking tour, you find out that the steepness of the mountain makes it unfavorable for people to live on. Therefore the Karamojong and Iteso people live at the foot of the mountain. The mountain provides them food by hunting for small wild animals and having their gardens at the fertile foothills.

Mountain Napak is in dowered and carved by a number of cliffs, summits and ridges. Among all the hiking destinations in the Karamoja region, it has been ranked more beautiful and more experiential as you bend down very low only to meander around with the swerving rocks encountered every step of your Mountain hiking experience in Uganda.

The vegetation patterns in the middle of the hike are bite greener compared to those seen at the start of the hiking dream if you are to reach the summit. In fact, in there, happens to be baboon in this vegetation which all looks amazing during your breathless sights spots. The rocks in there are blessed with water and along are black frogs.

At the top of this miraculous adventurous hike, you are set to watch the sun fall and come back again in the next day which all looks spectacular in your Uganda hiking safari experience.

Contact us today to arrange your adventurous hiking safari in Uganda, by sending us an enquiry via info@gulutours.com or call our safari expert on +256701367970.


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